Me aned Fiola

Me aned Fiola

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ch-ch-changes are gonna be getting pretty weird around here soon.

Hubby is leaving his business and joining the Navy!!! Shocking..I know!

He has applied and we are just waiting for the the recruiter to finish contacting all his referances. Then if that all goes well ,Kelsey will be off for a then if they think he is capable he will be shipped off to boot camp!!! IN QUEBEC for 13 loooong weeks! At this point you may be thinking that this isnt such a bad gets worse!

After bootcamp he goes to Victoria for 5 weeks then HALIFAX for 62 WEEKS!!! I am kinda in denial about all this right now.I think once his bags are packed and he is heading off it'll hit me.I will be playing the role of single mom of three kids!! Ahhhhh..I really hope that my friends and family are ready to keep me joke..Kelsey and I never spend more then 2 weeks apart and even then we are in contact all the time and in the same time zone. Well..Motherhood is wailing at me, from 3 different angles, time for lunch!!

Stayed tuned to find out if my old man can pass a physical..LMAO~ ;)

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